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After developing a website, the very next step is to spread it to the world. Email marketing Dubai is the latest and effective form of marketing these days, it is the cost-effective way to reach new people and also the most relied upon mechanism for marketing outreach. There are millions of email users and are subsequently increasing day by day. So, it is very helpful for our business if we spread it through email marketing. Zetasol provides you a cost effective way of email marketing solution for your business by sharing companies’ newsletter, surveys and announcements to targeted audiences.

Among the number of digital marketing agencies in Dubai Zetasol is the most prominent one. As we have over years of email marketing campaigns experience. Get in touch with us for your Email marketing requirement.

Take your business to the heights of success with our targeted E-Mail Marketing Services

Email marketing in Dubai is the most convenient, efficient and practical way for organizations to speak with their customers and to reach new customers anywhere in the world. Email marketing in Dubai and UAE is very well known and being utilized by many organizations throughout the years to create great leads and business.

Tragically, as an ever increasing number of organizations become turned on to this strong promoting tool, the resulting expansion in email means that a large number of emails are caught up in spam filters or even naturally erased by beneficiaries. Following a huge measure of exploration and investigation into how customers cooperate with email correspondence, we have the skill and experience to guarantee that your email marketing reaches its target and conveys to an excellent email marketing database.


At Zetasol You'll get

Better Brand Recognition E-mail Design

For reader engagement we provide you visually beautiful email design that gets more open and click through for better results. Our experienced team provides you with the design that will reinforce your brand for people. We guarantee you that your e-marketing conveys the proper message.

Templates for E-mail Marketing Campaigns

For marketing campaigns and outbound marketing communications, our experts will provide you with different cold templates of the email that saves your time. Turn more leads into paying customers. 

Digital Newsletter & Products Updates

In this competitive world, sending product updates and company news to the customer is most important. Zetasol’s campaign experts provide you with a digital newsletter regarding your progress along with brand updates or product teaser.

Reports regarding email campaigns

To observe the status of your e-marketing campaign, we provide you full stats like bounce rate openings, click through reports and analytical performance. You will get the real time status of your campaign with ease.  

Unlimited Marketing

Email marketing has the best worldwide reach. Regardless of where you are or when you want to contact individuals, designated messages can arrive at their targets. There are no limits with regards to email marketing. We’ve been assisting our clients in arriving at their customers with the ideal tools and profoundly gifted experts. Zetasol email marketing efforts empowers you to contact your ideal audience with reasonable costs and easy execution.

Get reach to your Targeted Market

All of the issues that come with non-targeted marketing are resolved by email marketing. The days of placing an advertisement without knowing who will see it on television or in a magazine are long gone. With Zetasol email marketing, you can segment your contacts based on their lead status, demographics, location, or any other data to control exactly who sees an email. With the help of our efficient email marketing services, Zetasol has a large number of customers who can quickly contact their target audience.

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Features of E-Mail Marketing

Low Cost

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As compared to direct email, the cost advantages are obvious because there are no printing or postage cost. A good quality email campaign typically produces higher response rates than that of using other forms of direct marketing.

Measurable Results


Any online marketing campaign is measurable by using web statics. Zetasol email marketing takes the reporting further and provides you full breakdown about how the recipients received the email and what actions was they took to these emails.

Immediate Response


Email marketing is more effective than direct email. Because in email marketing the call to action is clear “Get 20% off” or “Click to learn more about this service”. You can get your results much faster and this is great new for marketers. You can get your campaign results in days. 

Targeted Audience


Targeted email marketing campaign that is specifically personalized for targeted audience will boost response than that of any other direct email marketing technique. You can easily segment your lists using a variety of criteria or interest groups so that your promotion goes to the individual most likely to respond to your offer.

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